Saturday, 16 October 2010

Couples Retreat - It's puppy cradle death syndrome

A really weak film that would be average to worthless if it wasn't for the cast.  But the cast make this more than watchable.  Vince Vaughan plays VV and that's always worth a watch.  Jason Bateman is a comic genius and with his on screen partner, Kristen Bell, we have the modern day couple to die for. Jon Favreau and Jean Reno add their skills to the mix as well.  In fact, everyone is on form.

The star of the show though is Peter Serafinowicz.  Still unsure if he's a genius or a complete dick, but in this he's definitely the evil genius. 

Will probably be panned for saying it , but I loved it.

I love you Beth Cooper - Love is Blind

A high School comedy Directed by Chris Columbus.  Should be a shoe in for laughs then.

In my mind the director  is a guarantee stamp like John Hughes, a guaranteed teen comedy will be delivered.  My mind must be lost as the man that gave us Home Alone 1&2 also bought us the heavily overrated-budgeted-marketed Harry Potter movies and little else.

The comic timing and the film editing is way off.  Whether that's the director, his second string team of actors or a combination of both, I don't know.  What I do know, is that a lot of the ideas and comedy on show SHOULD be funny but it isn't.  A real shame.