Sunday, 27 November 2011

Red State - Kevin Smith can talk a good movie

Kevin Smith of the Nerds Rom Com genre directs his first horror movie.  He should have stuck to what he knows as this was a very average movie. Very little shock or suspense for a  horror movie and a cop out ending (no Pun intended).  Oh well, at least the killers didn't require a twisted sexual motive for their murderous intent.  That made a nice change.

He should stick to what he knows best.  And I hope the rumours aren't true that this and Cop Out are his last films. I mean they would and should be if he hadn't already shown such great talent.

Invention of Lying - Best film ever made ;)

Never going to be a great film.  As funny as Ricky Gervais is, that whiny self depreciation humour will grate in a feature length movie.   And he does.  Despite some great scenes and one liners this film degenerates into nothing more than a predictable comedy. It is saved though because of the incredible dig at organised religion.  I could watch those jokes over and over again. :D

Piranha - Buns for show, Boobs for a Pro

High budget Lowbrow splatter fest.  Follows the rules of all crap horror movies but with an incredible on screen budget and all star guest appearance list.  It's all about the flesh on show though, with both the spring break bikini clad type and with the torn off the bones type getting plenty of screen time.  Add some shooting fish shotgun action and Braindead-esq blade chomping and this should have been a B movie classic. 

Alas some poorly handled needless plotting and unnecessary back story drop it marks.  Great knob gag though :)