Sunday, 29 November 2009

Zombieland - Killer of the Year

I know I'm not gonna knock a zombie movie, but trust me, this one really is worth your time. I read a book a few years ago called 'The Zombie Survival Guide' and I like to think that the writers and directors of this gem read it as well. The funniest zombie movie since Shaun of the Dead. High praise indeed. But too few movies can hit the comedy horror nail on the head like these two movies have. Laughs gore and suspense it would seem are difficult things to master.

Woody Harrelson is back in the good books. I'm not sure he ever went away - Semi Pro anyone??? Plus we have a new young American in Jesse Eisenberg. All the cast are brilliant, and a cameo by Bill Murray, really picks the film up mid way.

I hope for a sequel. Until then, I will just keep humming 'For Whom The Bell Tolls' everyday and see those opening credits in my head. 'It's the fattys that go first'. Legendary

Bernard and The Genie - Dicks lost gem

I first saw this back in the 90s. 1991 I guess, as to my knowledge it has never been repeated since (Damn Royalties). It's comedy that only Richard Curtis can write (smaulchy, but overall, rewarding) and possibly Lenny Henrys last great performance (Harsh). I used to watch my VHS copy every Xmas but that disappeared after about 5 years. Then followed a quest for either a DVD or a reshowing. Two things that didn't materialise for over 10 years. Still the second most expensive DVD I ever bought, and when received, just like watching my taped off the TV VHS, all wear and tear in place :-/

Still I digress. Simply put, if you can locate a copy, or better still, badger the BBC to show it again, then sit down with the family and have a watch. Brilliant!!!!

Reindeer Games - I had better sex in prison

Reindeer games is a strange movie. The strangest things about it are the fact that it is A) A Ben Affleck Movie and B) Quite good. It's a twisting thriller of a movie with some great action sets and some inspired dialogue. It may be a bit too long and have a few too many twists, but I can forgive it. The Xmas connection ensures repeat viewing from me and even if it didn't, the Santa shoot out is worth it alone. Ignore your preconceived ideas of Ben and give it a go.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Zombies Zombies Zombies - Clearly the best trailer ever

Classic. They don't do 'em like this anymore. And I never made that 28 days later link before either. Mr Boyle, not a zombie movie my arse.

Night of the Living Dead - They're coming to get you Barbara

The film that started it all. For me at least. Scared the bejebus out of me when I first saw it, alone, late at night, the lights down low. Wooah! 'What the fuck is going on?' Gripped from the start to the finish, even if the voiceover woman did try to ruin the bleak ending for me. Hmm, started my hatred for amateurs as well then.

This is a powerhouse of a movie that still hits home today. That's because of the social commentary running throughout the film. George is a lover of that in his movies. Even if you don't want to see or hear it, it's very being there makes the horror the better for it. I have seen this film so many times (along with the other 2 of the preferred 'Trilogy of the Dead') and it never loses a thing. Zombies man, they are freaking scary!!!!!!!

Doghouse - Buy 'em a bicardi brezzer and they'll ride ya like sea bisciut!

Another Brit Horror snoops under my radar. And a bloody zombie movie as well. Crazy ass zombie birds after the blood of cockney boys on a weekend jolly. Danny Dyer plays Danny Dyer in film number ......24? Excellent. That means Blood, guts, comedy, craziness, zombies, Scantily glad zombies, sex mad zombies, best zombies since Zombie Strippers and Danny Dyerisms - love it! Just don't forget your beer and sense of humour.

Day of the Dead - Hi Bud

The Dawn of the Dead remake from 2004 was a fantastic remake that along with Shaun of The Dead helped bring my favourite horror genre back to the mantle. Is 'Day' up there with those two??? Is it a really really bad movie?? No and yes would be the simple answers. Let's face it, it's not exactly just jumped on the zombie resurgence bandwagon but it is clinging hold of the bumper with it's rotting fingers.

Not as bad as I feared, but stupid circus freak zombies (running out of ideas must reinvent bizarre mutants in the style of Alien and Predator diminishing sequels) did kind of put me off. Stupid characters, badly miscast, with a silly story and cheap looking finale set don't help either. But then this is a simple zombie movie with lots of gore and at that level it worked.

Soldiers, Doctors and Bud. That is probably the only excuse for borrowing the tile of Georges 85 classic.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Run Fat Boy Run - Jog On

Formulaic. Is that the right word. Yep some laugh out loud moments and as it's a comedy we should expect nothing less. But the rest of this follows all the cliched moments of a feelgood comedy. Probably brilliant if you have never seen one before. Alas I have.

Simon Pegg you can do better. Dylan Moran you can do soooo much better. David Schwimmer.........probably not

Twilight - What do I do now?

This was the big movie of the year ..right?? It's the new thing, the whole shebang, books and shit,....right??? Well maybe I'll watch it one day, but it's been on in the background for the last hour and nothing has made me look up from my laptop. Go figure.

District 9 - Click Click Boom

Love Alien Nation??? Love this movie. Humour, action and horror (things blow up, it's great) mixed together in a melting pot of glorious low to medium rare budget. Not quirky, not geeky, just great.

Fred Claus - Many Happy Returns

Xmas viewings started early this year. So a revisit to Fred Claus was on the cards. It's not bad, I kinda said that before. Does it take itself too seriously or was I taking it too seriously???? Maybe it was me. Vince Vaughan plays typical VV and that's a plus if you like him (I do). Some classic scenes such as the Santa fight, the Superman Cloak and the Siblings Anonymous meeting make this a rewatchable film. Bah Humbug, 'tis the season to be jolly.

Oh yeah, still don't get the Banks part, but not complaining :)

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Dog Soldiers - We need guns, big fuckin' guns

Can't beat a good bit of British horror. Neil Marshalls big screen debut smashes into your face with a group of likeable OTT British soldiers and the odd resident of the full moon. Sean Pertwee (legend) and the ever dependable Kevin McKidd make sure the horror-humour-tension aspect works without losing it's way. Marshall really knows his films, horror especially, and once again (yep I know it's the first but I reviewed the other two already) he takes them and reworks them in this piece. Buffs will pick up on the odd reference, and that's never a bad thing.

For every Dead Snow and Doomsday there's a Doghouse and The Cottage. This falls into the former for me. It's not about Big budget or Low Budget, it's abou using the budget.

Monday, 2 November 2009

The Descent - Chick with Picks

The Descent is one hell of a scare fest from the new British master of such things, Neil Marshall. So similar except so different to his previous - Dog Soldiers. Can't say nothing about it as don't want to ruin it. So, if you like Horror, Alien, Apocalypse Now, Deliverance, darkness and having your pants scared off then watch this. Preferably with the sound up and the lights down low...

Eight Legged Freaks - I love westerns

Laughs, scares, stupid plot, no pauses and a 90 minute run time. That should be the formula for all B movie Horrors. This one manages to do all that and have some pretty good CGI spideys....and some funny ones too.

Dr No - Blame the government

James Bond without the flair. James Bond without the Gadgets. James Bond without the cheese. James Bond without the Gir.....maybe not. James Bond where it all began..ish (pedants go away). What we have here is a good little spy thriller that You know is JB, just not the JB you remember. Mind you any Bond without Roger, without Dalton and without early Brosnan is gonna be good. All hail the original and the best.....Mr Connery.

Looks great on Blu as well....