Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Doghouse - Buy 'em a bicardi brezzer and they'll ride ya like sea bisciut!

Another Brit Horror snoops under my radar. And a bloody zombie movie as well. Crazy ass zombie birds after the blood of cockney boys on a weekend jolly. Danny Dyer plays Danny Dyer in film number ......24? Excellent. That means Blood, guts, comedy, craziness, zombies, Scantily glad zombies, sex mad zombies, best zombies since Zombie Strippers and Danny Dyerisms - love it! Just don't forget your beer and sense of humour.


Nick said...

To be honest I didn't care for this at all. I think I might have chuckled twice. Or it could have been gas...can't remember now. Plus the whole thing had a nasty misogynistic whiff about it as well.

The cast were all okay with Danny always fun to watch, but Stephen Graham seemed to have wandered in from a totally different film.

Naff and forgettable. But at least it wasn't the utterly horrific abortion that was Lesbian Vampire Killers. Brrr!

sickboy said...

Not seen LVK. Will check it at some point though regardless.

This though is simply a friday night , few bears and some mates round movie.

I watched it on a Sunday, dry and on my own. Still liked the gore though.