Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Rocky IV - If the franchise dies, it dies

Rocky by Numbers :-

1. It's a Cold War political statement
2. There's a fantastic montage
3. It's one long pop video
4. They realised who their audience is
5. Adrian confined to Angelically looking down and just going "Meh!" every so often
6. It's better than III
7. Horrendously dated technology on show
8. It's shit but now it knows it
9. Not as gay
10. Hearts on Fire

Rocky III - Get some Nuts!

Rocky III was the film I missed as a kid.  Therefore I can hold no biased love for the movie......

This is where the franchise becomes nothing more than that. Not so once a remake as a rehash this time.  But everything is aped to the nth degree.  It's more stupid, it's more gay.  It tries to follow the set formula laid down for all future Rocky movies, but it has no heart.  It's got more far too many of the famous Rocky Montage scenes and it's sooooo gay. If it hadn't taken itself so seriously it may have worked.

No Apollo fight.  No Music.  No Point.

Rocky II - He lied about the rematch

Rocky II is not so much a rematch but a remake, a bit like the way Evil Dead 2 was a remake of Evil Dead.  

The action picks up from the end of the first one (as will further sequels) and then the story just repeats itself.  Instead of Rocky being a washed up bum, he's a retired one off super star who vows never to box again. He still can't earn money.  Adrian is still whiny.  Paulie is still a dick. And Apollo Creed is still overly frustrated with everything.  Cue the Rematch.

Of course, none of this is bad as Rocky vs Apollo is the fight to watch, and the music still kicks ass and inspires you with every watch.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Rocky - He doesn't know it's a damn show! He thinks it's a damn fight!

Great Acting, Great fight scenes, Great score, Great Movie.

Rocky is simply fantastic.  How can you not be inspired when that theme kicks in, when he trades punches with Apollo Creed and when he runs up the steps of The Philly Museum of Art.  An awe inspiring Sports movie to be watched by all.

They're ain't gonna be no rematch...