Monday, 18 May 2009

The Italian Job - We are the self gratification society

One of those remakes again, and one that doesn't work for me. There are some great actors in this but you know it wont work when you see Ed Nortons Tache. Ooooh is he the bad guy???? Duh!!!! These films work when there is a subtle nod to the original, but I must of missed it. I mean who thought the Chopper Vs Mini was a good idea? OK but not good and not a patch on the classic original.

The Hills Have Eyes - But did the director????

Cant be too hard, It isn't that bad. But it's far from scary, just sick and gory. I don't know much of the original as I watched it about 20 years too late. It had not aged well to a first timer. So whether this is a faithful adaptation I cannot say. It just seemed that the director tried to mess with your senses using visuals, cuts and industrial noise that didn't mix/work for me. Who knows, maybe to fans the original and remake are as good as the Dawn of the Dead pair are to me. But I doubt it.

Bourne Supremacy - The best use of a magazine since Alien

Bourne is back. And in a unusual twist for sequels, it's even better than the first. Still roaming the gritty grey rainy world of Europe, still driving like a loon and still staying one clever ass bastard step ahead of his makers. Wow wow wow and more of the legend that is Cox too!!!!!! I await the Bourne Vs Bond comic strip.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Bourne Identity - Don't make me angry, I don't know why I'm doing what I'm doing when I'm angry

The film that spawned a thousand sequels. Well I think it did. Much like The Matrix inspired numerous scifi/fighting actioners (from the West anyway, Our Eastern friends were doing it for years) this one reinvented the Spy Thriller. Even James Bond sat up and took note. The story isn't entirely original, but then the book it comes from must be about 30 years old, so who knows. But ever since this film, fight editing has got quick and in your face and the hand held camera is king!!! The best bit is the sequels are even better.

Blade - Come back to me , we want your money, Taxloss!

Wesley Snipes in one of his better films. And a Marvel character I had never heard of. Not surprising really as not a huge comic book follower. When I first saw this on the big screen, it blew me away. It was a fresh take on the Vampire genre and also the attitude of the 'Superhero'. I watched it again for a lot more than the second time and it still holds up today. Still an amazing opening, still a thumping soundtrack, still a moody lead, still ass kicking and still stylish looking FX (last few blood bubbling images excluded). One of my favourite Marvel movies and one of my favourite Vampire ones too. But when do you ever see a bad vampire flick??? As the Inspiral Carpets said ' Cool as F*ck'