Monday, 18 May 2009

The Italian Job - We are the self gratification society

One of those remakes again, and one that doesn't work for me. There are some great actors in this but you know it wont work when you see Ed Nortons Tache. Ooooh is he the bad guy???? Duh!!!! These films work when there is a subtle nod to the original, but I must of missed it. I mean who thought the Chopper Vs Mini was a good idea? OK but not good and not a patch on the classic original.


Rob said...

As if it wasn't bad enough remaking the classic original.

Thet had to cast Whalberg as the lead!!!!!

What were they thinking indeed...

Nick said...

This film is a pile of shit.

I love the original. It's a classic. This is just steaming manure.

Go away Marky Mark you squeeky voiced charisma vacume. You annoy me no end. GRRRR!