Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The American - Bored of the USA

The American is pretty much what you'd expect from a George Clooney film.  Well acted, well shot and well directed. Stylish, like the man.  But despite this, it is a wafer thin, seen it all before typical story of a Hitman that is fed up with the life he lives and want to throw it all in.  As we all know, Hitman cant just hand in their 4 weeks notice and collect the P45, and so begins the age old tale of hunter turned hunted.

The difference with this version though is that it's all rather slow, dull and pointless as it meanders along to it's predictable conclusion.  Not for me this Italian Melodrama, the best bit being when George emerges from those tiny doors.  Badly framed shot??

Monday, 2 January 2012

Sanctum - Men with Hats at Work

A load of climbers get stuck in a flooding cave system and get picked off one by one in Descent style minus the the suspenseful supernatural horror element. It's a bit like The Poseidon Adventure (in fact really like it in places) except not as terrifying because you're unlikely to ever find yourself in a cave other than Wookey Hole, whereas a capsized boat could happen on a jaunt to The Isle of Wight. The shouty Aussie gets on your nerves as well.

Apparently, this film is great in 3D and is produced/presented/not really involved by James Cameron.  That tells you all you need to know before you even watch it.