Sunday, 19 February 2012

Mr Majestyk - Melons is Melons

Mr Majestyk is one of three things :-

Either it's a slow burning action movie with the good guy being pushed till he breaks. an age old story but this is from the 70's

Or, the blueprint for every single A-Team episode that was ever made. We're talking the set up, the bad guys, the woman, the driving. Everything

Or, it's an advert for the strength, speed and agility of the Ford Pick-up truck. Apparently it was, the following year.

It's still a great watch with the dependable Mr Bronson though, and I would recommend you get a viewing in before the inevitable Statham remake which will probably end up a combination of this and First Blood. Hmm, that sounds quite good "'Why you keep pushing my fackin' melons you slag!"


Rob said...

Never watched this but now I feel I must. Ruben Fleisher was always a pretty solid director. The action was co-ordinated by the Baxley clan...of which Craig R Baxley would go on to direct the stunt work for The A-Team, Predator and the biker/cop bullshit action classic Stone Cold!

Zombiestyled said...

It's funny you should say that, as if anyone had mentioned Mr Majestyk to me then I would know instantly that it was the Bronson film, even though like yourself, I had never seen it until recently.