Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves - A Tiger? In Africa?

Everything about this film should no longer work.  Everything about this film was pure cheese, even on release, and should never work.  I mean who can forget or is even allowed to forget the god-damn awful associated ballad from Sir Bryan of Adams?  

I'm not sure what the budget was for this film but seeing as Sean Connery got paid close to Marlon Brando fees for 60 seconds screen time I'm assuming it was hefty.  That then does not excuse the awful continuity on screen.  Swords appear and disappear at will, Costner's hair is wet, then dry, then wet, then dry more often than not.  The perspex glass cracking when a soldier gets a crossbow thrown at his face is the best bit.  As for  Costner covering himself in shit about an hour after Marion told him to take a bath, that's the best edit on show.

And while we're on Costner, he really does love himself and thinks he's the dogs.  Was there any need for the nakedness???  NO!!! At least he doesn't try an English accent, but that does mean we are left with his nasally tones instead. As for accents, what is going on with them. Christian Slater's wavering cockney, Morgan Freeman's Indian??? English actors generic English speak.  'You Tosspot'.

So there you have it, I could pick out endless faults with this film, and yet despite them it is still sooo much fun and way more fun than the recent Scott/Crowe effort.  You see the Robin Hood legend is all about fun and a simple story and there is no more simple than this version.  I love it.

Can't sign off without a special mention. Alan Rickman is immense in this film, playing classic Rickman of course, but so what. And THAT tune, just don't bother with the credits.  Sorted :)

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The Mechanic - Transporter 4

Generic action movie filmed in a very generic way, right down to the camera distances, pans and drops. I don't slag off Jason Statham as he is a great action movie star and regardless of what some say, he really can carry a I'm not gonna say anymore...... Christ, even the sex was straight out the action manual..... it if you're 10 and have never seen any action movies before.

Let The Right One In - Or stay in and watch something else

You're supposed to like this little Swedish vampire flick from 2008.  But I just didn't get the hype. In fact I looked a little like the picture above, the blood coming from head butting the wall with boredom.  Trouble is,  it's a bit dull, that and the fact that it's marketed as a horror film when really it's a fairytale for kids that wouldn't be able to stay awake through it. I'm sure that I've missed something, but it's not that I can't enjoy European cinema.

I would save you the boredom and link the awesome swimming pool scene as it is rather good, but I can't find an embedded code.  The US remake of this got me excited for once, but unfortunately it's almost scene for scene remake.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The Life of Brian -Which car company do you work for?

I'm not one to comment on current affairs (Ahem :/ ), but today's ruling by the ECJ over insurance policies and gender is almost the most stupidest yet. I say almost, as it could never be more stupid than the small minded "I'm alright Jack" comments that have greeted it.  Ironic, as they will not be. Like Insurance companies are not doing everything for their own benefit anyway.  Have you ever wondered why a billing company spends more money on chasing your owed pennies than the pennies are worth?

Anyway, this is a movie blog and today's events just made me think of the following. 

This :)

And this :)

Crazy ass world we live in.