Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Let The Right One In - Or stay in and watch something else

You're supposed to like this little Swedish vampire flick from 2008.  But I just didn't get the hype. In fact I looked a little like the picture above, the blood coming from head butting the wall with boredom.  Trouble is,  it's a bit dull, that and the fact that it's marketed as a horror film when really it's a fairytale for kids that wouldn't be able to stay awake through it. I'm sure that I've missed something, but it's not that I can't enjoy European cinema.

I would save you the boredom and link the awesome swimming pool scene as it is rather good, but I can't find an embedded code.  The US remake of this got me excited for once, but unfortunately it's almost scene for scene remake.

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this is not a joke said...

The book, supposedly, is MUCH better and the movie was a real disappointment.

I guess that means I also will not watch the remake.