Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Christmas With The Kranks - Frosty the Bastard

Far funnier than it gets credit for. It never really hits full speed but Obsessive American Neighbourhoods are always a going to be a good setting for a seasonal Movie. Typically, it's a tricky line to make these films appealing to all given the limits of the story, But this film never feels like it's retreading 'old ground' and the Xmas smaulch never hangs around on screen for too long.

A worthy addition to the annual Christmas film fest with a great soundtrack to boot.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Trading Places - It wasn't heroin, it was angel dust - PCP and I never touched it. ...

Classic Christmas comedy with Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy when they were hilarious. Could almost be a family film if it wasn't for the totally unnecessary topless shots and F-bombs dropped in now and again. But without them it wouldn't be half as funny.

Die Hard - Now I Have A Machine Gun Ho - Ho - Ho

The film that changed the action Genre forever in so many ways! Even adding an action hero that could crack jokes, be a hero, and ... well, 'act.' It also showed that bad guys are best portrayed by European actors as you can never take a fronting Yank completely seriously as a bad guy.

I've seen this film so many times I can't even remember. What did I learn this time???? Well, Hans Gruber seems to have compiled a healthy Dossier on Mr Takagi that would put the Encyclopedia Britannica to shame. He does seem to have neglected to insert a photo though :/

A Christmas classic. Got you viewing in this year yet???