Monday, 18 May 2009

The Hills Have Eyes - But did the director????

Cant be too hard, It isn't that bad. But it's far from scary, just sick and gory. I don't know much of the original as I watched it about 20 years too late. It had not aged well to a first timer. So whether this is a faithful adaptation I cannot say. It just seemed that the director tried to mess with your senses using visuals, cuts and industrial noise that didn't mix/work for me. Who knows, maybe to fans the original and remake are as good as the Dawn of the Dead pair are to me. But I doubt it.


this is not a joke said...

agree with Dawn of the Dead

Rob said...

I watched the remake before the original. The superior remake is very faithful to the gritty (but not is the limp Wes Craven, after all) original.

Gota say, while it's not as sucessful as the Dawn of the Dead revamp, I love this.

Mmmmm... sick and gory.

Nick said...

Alexadre Aja did a great job with this movie. It's much better than the Craven original. Good actors, tightly scripted, well filmed, good tension and some cracking gore, Gromit!

Just avoid the terrible sequel. Craven had more to do with that. And it shows. Yeuchhh!