Monday, 2 November 2009

The Descent - Chick with Picks

The Descent is one hell of a scare fest from the new British master of such things, Neil Marshall. So similar except so different to his previous - Dog Soldiers. Can't say nothing about it as don't want to ruin it. So, if you like Horror, Alien, Apocalypse Now, Deliverance, darkness and having your pants scared off then watch this. Preferably with the sound up and the lights down low...


this is not a joke said...

did you like dog soldiers?

sickboy said...

yep I loved Dog Soldiers. I have a new director hero in Neil Marshall. He knows his movies and doesn't hide from that fact. Bit like Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg. Use what you've learned from your geekboy fandom. (term not meant to offend :-/)

This is similar to Soldiers in its set up but plays down the humour aspect. One of the scariest films of recent times. US got a different ending to UK I think. We got an extra minute or so that was cut from the US release.

I hope Descent 2 is going to work but niether ending really sets up a sequel for me.

Rob said...

Marshall completely sells you on the reality of this. The location feels utterly remote. You can practically feel the dampness of the caves. Like dog soldiers, he make you adore his ensemble and they all feel completely real and convincing.

And it's one very tense movie...even before the crawlers turn up. Then itadds brutal, scary and bleak to the mix.

How US producers could lop off the stunning European ending is beyond me. It's called the descent...Marshall WAS being metaphrical as well! Hmm, some people.

Nick said...

The Descent IMHO is simply the best pure horror film of recent memory.

It is smart, tense and scary as hell. And it's British. The cast are all excellent and Neil Marshall directs the film to wring the greatest amount of tension and viscerial terror from his audience. I nearly messed my pants watching this in the cinema. And that's BEFORE the monsters even turned up. The cave stuff alone is damn scary. Then when those crawlers arrive...brrrrr
Technically the film is superb - especially when you consider the low budget and that they only had a limited cave set that had to be always rearranged and redressed. Much kudos go to Marshall's excellent DP Sam McCurdy for his dark and brilliant lighting. A job he did so well on Dog Soldiers before and went on to do again on the beautiflly shot Doomsday. He's one of my favourite cinematographers currently working. I can't wait to see what he does with Marshall's upcoming Roman actioner Centurion.