Sunday, 29 November 2009

Reindeer Games - I had better sex in prison

Reindeer games is a strange movie. The strangest things about it are the fact that it is A) A Ben Affleck Movie and B) Quite good. It's a twisting thriller of a movie with some great action sets and some inspired dialogue. It may be a bit too long and have a few too many twists, but I can forgive it. The Xmas connection ensures repeat viewing from me and even if it didn't, the Santa shoot out is worth it alone. Ignore your preconceived ideas of Ben and give it a go.


Anonymous said...

Good review of an under-rated action flick.

Has a great supporting cast - Danny Trejo, Dennis Farina from Snatch and you forgot to mention that you get to see Charlize Theron naked.

I think it flopped in the UK where it was released under the title "Deception". Affleck seems to get universally panned but this movie and Daredevil showed he could handle action roles.

Rob said...

This was John Frankenheimer's follow up to the brilliant Ronin, and I remember being mildly dissapointed by this on its cinema release.

I must give it another go though. Afleck is cool and gets too much stick, plus it has Charlize.

sickboy said...

Certainly no Ronin, but still a good film. I'm biased cos of Santa though.