Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Day of the Dead - Hi Bud

The Dawn of the Dead remake from 2004 was a fantastic remake that along with Shaun of The Dead helped bring my favourite horror genre back to the mantle. Is 'Day' up there with those two??? Is it a really really bad movie?? No and yes would be the simple answers. Let's face it, it's not exactly just jumped on the zombie resurgence bandwagon but it is clinging hold of the bumper with it's rotting fingers.

Not as bad as I feared, but stupid circus freak zombies (running out of ideas must reinvent bizarre mutants in the style of Alien and Predator diminishing sequels) did kind of put me off. Stupid characters, badly miscast, with a silly story and cheap looking finale set don't help either. But then this is a simple zombie movie with lots of gore and at that level it worked.

Soldiers, Doctors and Bud. That is probably the only excuse for borrowing the tile of Georges 85 classic.


Nick said...

I saw this. It was shit.

The Snyder remake of Dawn was excellent - mostly because he is a talented visionary director. Steve Miner who made this rubbish isn't.

sickboy said...

As said. It's not even close to being in the same ball park as DOTD remake. I don't think it ever thought it would be.

But, I have seen many worse efforts than this. 'Day of The Dead 2 - Contagion' for instance.

I'm currently watching 'Colin', and although I like the idea and some of the execution, it is still filmed by amateurs and that really spoils the whole affair. Know how to light that image, it's not just point and shoot.

Rob said...

Yes. This is shit.

Steve Miner isn't a visionary director but he is a solid director. He might have had a great script to work with, but he did a good job on Lake Placid.

Not so here.