Friday, 20 February 2009

Dawn of the Dead - Romero, Romero! Wherefore art thou, Romero?

Had no right to be this good. But this is a five star Zombie Horror. Who would have thought they could remake the George '78 classic and pull it off. There's no fly boy, there are no blue zombies and no Hari Krishna zombie either. But there are little nods to the original. The change, the BP lorry, The Mall and the need to get away from it to mention a few. But that's all and they are fleeting. This is full on attack the senses mode. Very scary, very gory and very gripping. You stay classy Mr Snyder.


this is not a joke said...

agreed!!!! This is my favorite remake, it is am.a.zing!

Pete Tiley / Titan Images said...

Ere , how come you have seen it before it is in the picture house then? Do they send you movies to review.

Swwwwweeettt job. Nice one.

Rob said...

Yarp! The exception to the rule, this one. Shouldn't work, but it bloody does!

Only wish someone had told the makers of the dire Day of the Dead remake how to do it like this.

sickboy said...

TINAJ - You knows it. But then you are also a zombie lover :)

Rob - So true. I haven't even seen Day remake, but have heard awful things.

PT - You crazy fool :)

this is not a joke said...

The Day of the Dead remake is possibly the worst thing I have ever seen. Ever.