Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Kill Bill Volume 1 - Trix are for kids

Whats not to like? Is that my favourite sentence, I think it is. The Bluray arrived so I had to watch for the umpteenth time. Admittedly, a step down, as this is the western cut which means B&W fight at the House of Blue Leaves and a few other changes. But what the heck. What an awesome movie. QT knows what he likes and he is a hell of a story teller. Like all his films, it gets better with each viewing. I know kung fu - Bring on the whole bloody affair.


Rob said...

I think I prefer Part 2 over this.

But that's like stating I prefer Angelina over Charlize.

Who cares!

Bring on the whole bloody affair indeed!

sickboy said...

Very True!!