Saturday, 14 February 2009

The Midnight Meat Train - I was marinaded, regurgitated and served up as cold meat.

Well when it started I thought this was going to be your standard old slasher flick. It is in a way, but there was that element of weirdness in the visuals that made me think of films such as Candyman. Well that will be the Clive Barker story then. Don't know why it should look like a CB affair, but then Stephen king films usually look like SK films even though he is only the writer. Lots of blood and death and worth a look if your a fan of the genre. Thing is, as much as Vinnie Jones is hard as nails in real life, when he tries to play it, it just looks comical. Stick to the light hearted hard man roles Vin.

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Rob said...

Love this movie.

Great atmosphrerics, an distintly odd story and some fantasticly grusome death scenes.

It's nice to have a horror movie where the editor doesn't have an AVID fart every 10 seconds. (Take note Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes productions)