Sunday, 1 February 2009

The Strangers - My mechanical monkey man.

Scary stuff indeed. It's by the numbers (we have Scream to thank for that) but it still works. The tension and suspense builds and the jumps are where they should be, but you still do. Good work form first time director Bryan Bertino. TCM influences abound, also reminded me of the Manson family murders. Hostel and Saw take note, we don't have to see everything. Which leads me to Liv. She's always looked great, but she shows her talent in this also.

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Pete Tiley / Titan Images said...

Yeah, this time a film that attained the sum total of its parts. Leads you down the path - is it the husbands doing out as he 'went out'; don't go out, don't go to the shed; dont open the curtains - not for her sake, more for yours as you know its coming.

As you say jumps by numbers and as a jumper it got me out of the seat with clever direction and cuts. I wonder however if this film is a pastiche of a pastiche and turning the scream franchise on its head as a sincere thanks; kinda a jester in its own court.
Either way - worth a view. I know some ladies who would s**t themselves with this one....