Sunday, 15 February 2009

Four Brothers - Hey Ya!!

Four brothers, out to avenge their mothers death. Good Cops,bad Cops, what you gonna do? Drug dealing kingpin black guys, snowy Detroit streets, Balxploitation,Street talk and Marky Mark frowning. It might have been cleverer than I thought,but I just didn't get with it. It's style looked dated, maybe it was supposed to. But don't they do this kind of thing on The Wire now? Movies need to evolve.


Rob said...

What's the talented Andre Benjamin doin with average people like Tyrese Gibson and John Singleton?

I don't think I can cope seeing Whalberg in another frowning role for a while, so I shall wait till my drink is spiked before I embark on this movie experience.

sickboy said...

Ha Ha ! Mr Nolan always with the jokes!!