Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Clerks II - If you count the cartoons then this IS a 'Trilogy'

More Kevin Smith, and his films are always good. Dante & Randall are back. One to bring up life's inadequacies and one to put them in their place. It's great to have the Mr Smith snappy pop culture dialogue and trade mark 'stroll over the line' humour. and there's a lot of it. Never going to have the impact of the original, and at times, to fans, it can seem contrived, but it is still a hundred times better than other peoples efforts. You know or you don't and you get or you wont. Eeyore!!!!!!!

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Rob said...

Possibly Smiths best.

The musical sequence is pure genius. It made me love the Jacksons song ABC. It also made me love Rosario Dawson (but perhaps I always did. Mmmmm)