Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Fred Claus - Christmas time for Hitler and Germany??

So were they trying to make a Christmas turkey?? Proving that the Christmas story has limited parameters?? I don't know. I mean I know it bombed, but I'm not sure. A lot of this is funny and a lot more of it appears to be tongue-in-cheek. Just look at the cast involved, so many great actors. Some of the 'dramatic' scenes are so humorous they must have been playing us. At the end of the day people, it's a time for fun, family and kids. So run with, I love it!!
I don't think they ever really explained why Elizabeth Banks was hanging around in that sexy Xmas number, and I really don't think they needed to.


Rob said...

Dear Santa, I have been a good boy this year. Therefore, this Christmas may I make an X-mas movie with a decent script. I am currently making Four Christmases with Reece Withspoon. The script is a dog. And last year the turd shaped lump of coal in my stocking was the meandering excuse of a script called Fred Claus. I acted in vain to inject some fun into it. Honest Santa and so did Elizabeth Banks.
Yours hopefully, Vince Vaughan.

sickboy said...

OK, Four Christmases off the menu as well then? Does that film mention Jesus???