Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Everybodys's gotta learn sometime

The word 'Genius' is bandied around too often and too easily, usually by me. But Michel Gondry you are a genius. This film is so beautiful. I'm sure that my infatuation with Kate Winslet has a little to do with this. I particularly like her look here, very individual, I like to call it 'studenty' and the blue hair....oops, tangent. Do I see a bit of Joel in myself, maybe. Do we all seem a bit like Clementine, I suppose. That is why this film works. Nothing much more to say, look around it will astound you.


this is not a joke said...


Someday I will watch this and do one too, but I am very glad to hear I am not alone in my love for Kate Winslet

Rob said...

Winslet's somewhat of a Goddess in the thesping world, so the real revealation here was Mr Carey holding his own against Mad Kate McClemintine.

sickboy said...

She is a Goddess in my world, but you are right, Jim Careys finest role.

This film needs to be seen by all, gets better with every viewing.

Apparentlty inspired by the same Philip K. Dick work as Total Recall. Wow, don't F*** with your brain pal, it aint worth it.