Monday, 1 December 2008

The Blair Witch Clockwork Orange Project

To clarify some questions of late. My blog name came to me through my love of the work of Philip K. Dick. As I understand he had a recurring dream searching for a story called 'The Empire Never Ended', he never found it, and became convinced that if he did, he would go insane. It's that age old story, Boy meets Girl, Girl Meets Boy, Boy tries to get Girl, Girl says 'yikes', Boy looks for other Girl, Girl gets jea...well, it could go on and on.

And another thing, yep it's a movie blog. I will review the films as I watch them. And yeah I do watch that many. I found out a long time ago that Sleep is for wimps, and there's plenty of time to sleep at work anyway.

Why didn't I review many movies in October, well read my blog and you might learn something. I do other things to such high levels of geekdom as well you know. Cripes, you'll be asking why I watched so many tenuous linked Christmas movies in December next.

Yes this is a movie blog, but it's my movie blog and I'll review what is going on in my 360 head. It might not all be movies but then hell, get your own blog if you want to. I see movie influences in everything.

And as for the picture. Well that's really the reason for the rant. I liked it straight off. Got those movie influences sparkin' in my head. My thanks to Lauren for the model, although she less an orange and more a peach.

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