Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Nacho Libre - That difficult second movie??

The backlash started pretty quickly for Jared Hess. I don't know why though because this is hilarious. You can already see his style, a little Wes Anderson influence in there (and why not seeing as he's a genius) but clearly his own. Maybe Jack Black is starting to annoy people and he is getting the flack for that. I loved this as much as Napolean Dynamite. Plenty of rewatchability and lets hope for more from this man. Of course I might just have loved the fact that I have a new hot actress to look at, check out the nun. Pheeewwww!


Rob said...

Yep, the backlash is pretty odd as it does hit the funny bone frequently. It's that rare breed of very silly performed with subtlty.. something that Austin Powers & The Pink Panther movies (originals, of course) do to some extent. And yes, Ana De La Reguera is unspeakable hot!

Pete Tiley / Titan Images said...

It missed a beat for me. Art for arts sake. Unfunny at times.