Sunday, 7 December 2008

Black Hawk Down - Black Hawk Down, so good I reviewed it twice

One of, if not, the best, War movie, if not, movie, ever made. Punctuation aside, it is that good. Real and unflinching. You feel like you've spent 24 hours fighting on the streets of Mogadishu with these guys. Fear, confusion, anger and death. Just like war, just like the business of killing another man. Director, cast, story, DoP, music, sound - everything is spot on. As usual Eric Bana steals the show. Watch it. Hoo-Aah!


Pete Tiley / Titan Images said...

When I first saw this film, I say in a multi plex screen on my own and felt detached, as if I had not got to know the characters. I did not like it. I then went and saw it again and began to understand that you are not supposed to. Whilst it doe not glorify war, it tells us that kids die by the bullet with immediate effect and as such, the aforementioned bond I spoke of is something young soldiers never feel, hence my emotional detachment from the film. Very clever.

As you say, the more you watch it the better it gets.

Classic lighting here too, shadows and highlights. I bet it would look great in hi-def.

sickboy said...

You are spot on as always. The BR is on my essential purchses list. Wil be the 4th time I have bought this film. Always looked good on my 7ft screen. Maybe again someday.