Monday, 15 December 2008

Banlieue 13 Ultimatum - B13/B14/District 14????

I only found out about this today and I am genuinely excited. I loved the first and it reminded me how French cinema is about more than the Tits and Cigarettes that enticed me as an adolescent. Must dig it out to watch again. Until February then Mr Besson.

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Rob said...

The French have been quietly taking over of late. Besson has practically supported the medium budget "Bullshit Action Movie"(TM) in recent years with THe Transpoters, Take, Kiss of the Dragon etc. Now they're corning the Horror market that was once dominated by J-Horror. Stuff like L'interior, Haute Tension and They are among the most effective shockers produced recently.

B13's a mini classic so news of an imminent sequel has me dribbling uncontrolably. Sad but true.