Sunday, 21 December 2008

Land of the Dead - George the one trick pony???

Of course he isn't. He does what he does best. Make genuinely scary zombie horror. It probably helps that the idea of zombies scares the bejebus out of me. Yeah, they don't move that fast, but they keep on moving. I have read the Zombie survival guide, it will help, but not protect you. Mr Romero also likes to make a social commentary in his films, I missed it in this along with any interest in who lived or died. But as a zombie flick this is nasty, frightening, moody and down right grim in places. I loved it! More please Mr G, although I fear you may be running out of titles and tag lines.


this is not a joke said...

I think the social commentary in this one is about the people who live in Fiddler's Green and the undesirables who live in the ghetto around it. It is about income inequality and the poor people having to do the rich person's bitch work.

But, when they zombies come they don't discriminate. Additionally, the ones who survive are the "undesirables" (or, at least the few main characters)

Anyway...I love this one. It isn't my favorite, but I love big daddy and his rallying of the zombies.

Oh, that is what is it about also, people organizing themselves. Both the zombies and the guy who lives in the slums, the Irish guy who has the sick son, he is talking about a people's revolution.

Pete Tiley / Titan Images said...

Blog of the Dead - I like it. I could work.

People sat at macs and PC's night after night, hunched, dead to the world aside from the cyber space that they inhabit.

Hang on wait a minute....oh shit.


Turns off i mac


Turns off light


And goes to bed.

sickboy said...

So it's about class war then and the fact that even an apocalyptic event will never get rid of it.

Ah well, we are all someones bitch I suppose. Natures way for the Human species.

Blog of the Dead though. It could work.

Rob said...

This one is stacked with social commentary, perhaps more unsubtlely than the previous enteries in the series.

Consider an elite of humanity who selfishly live in the lap of luxury, despite the horrors of the world.

Instead of rebelling against the elite, the "poor" aspire to be like the "wealthy", doing their deeds to keep society ticking over.

Most importantly, The good guys (people!?) steal resources from territory outside their own from seemingly less advanced society. They seem quite surprised when this provokes a reaction in the form of an attack on their city (which is dwarfed by a symbolic tower of wealth).

I love this one too (again, not as good as the original triloy) as it's Romero's sci-fi action entry into the series.