Saturday, 13 December 2008

The X-Factor - Why don't you just fuck off!

That's it really. Didn't Andy Millman sum up all this excruciation reality TV BS already. I was sick tonight and saw this, especially the freak show number. Still not as sick as the fakeness of Simon Scowell and his co panel members. I get it. You can make a lot of money because most people are just sheep. 2009 auditions are to be held in Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, London and Manchester. Perhaps some organisation might find that information useful and do me a favour. I still would with that Diana Vickers though, even if I did end up in 'Special Hell' Ha!
Oh yeah I am slightly annoyed that they butchered one of my favourite songs. And yeah I know John Cale covered it as well, but he made it beautiful.

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