Sunday, 21 December 2008

Ocean's Eleven - The Beautiful people, the Beautiful people

Had to give myself the pleasure of watching this great movie once HD. It really is a beautiful piece. Plays well, sounds great and looks fabulous. George Clooney is an actor I like to watch, he oozes charisma and is a marker for all men trying to impress the ladies. That is ladies, not skanks. But the boy George aside, all of the cast are having a whale of a time in this and they are fantastic. Even the horrible Julia Roberts doesn't do too bad and I despise her normally. It all being set against the back drop of Las Vegas helps as well. Aaah The Bellagio, Ceasars Palace, The MGM Grand, such amazing places. I will go back and take some great photos next time. I digress, the story is great as well, with a few little twists and turns. Very much like 'Sneakers' which was another great little ensemble cast affair. Don Cheadles accent was a bit Dot Cotton though.

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Rob said...

Classic, classic movie. Despite being a big hit, I think it's been unrated in just how well constructed and performed this is.

I love the running gag in this...which follows through into the sequels; not that which is said, but that which remains unsaid. Like the one sided conversation between Pitt and Clooney when considering the need for one more man. Or the opening scene with Clooney before the Parole board... we don't need to hear his reply..we bloody know George has a caper in mind, and knowing that makes us feel bloody clever.

The photography's pretty unique and so is David Holmes cool score. As is Cheadle's accent (but we won't mention that).

As for Sneakers...don't get me started. One of my favorite movies...EVER!