Monday, 29 December 2008

The Mutant Chronicles - Feeling Holy?

This could be a tough sell to some as it has it's faults. Another of the Green screen affairs that tend to divide the audience. But fans of Sky Captain and the Almighty Casshern (I Worship You) should love it for that reason alone. The story is OK, the style is very WWI&II retroness and it looks pretty sweet. Thomas Janes shiny coat has a story all of its own. TJ, Ron Pearlman and Sean Pertwee were always going to raise this one up for me, even if they once again forgot the rule of Sean. The first rule of Sean is you do not under use Sean, The second rule of Sean is YOU DO NOT UNDER USE SEAN!!!!!!!! Ass kicking Girls as well, so a recipe for success.


this is not a joke said...

what is this? I've never heard of it...

sickboy said...

I came across it by chance. Not sure how as it doesn't seem to be out over here until January.

It's kind of steampunk in visual style. Low budget hence the green screen and low light scenes.

Reading up on it, seems that is based on an old RPG of the same name. About a world that is now run by a four waring corporations rather than governments. Then it kind of just turns into a battle against some mutants that were created by accident.

Not a great description, but thats why I do short reviews and you do expansive ones ;-)

this is not a joke said...

well, I do love the idea of waring corporations instead of governments... I may have to see if I can find it somewhere.

Rob said...

A strange but marvelous little movie. It's staggeringly low budget in parts (the WWI style trenches) and handsomely epic in others (the mountain-top drop ship).

Great cast, fun movie with a unique look.

Two points.
One. It takes itself verrryyy seriously...perhaps too much considering the fun thats ripe to be had here.
Two. John Carpenter nearly directed this at one point. You can see why...its just the kind bullshit action / horror / sci-fi project he does these days (Vampires, Ghosts of Mars . Escape From LA)...oh and when I say "Bullshit-action" I mean that term with great affection for non-serious adult action thrillers (Commando, Predator etc). Carpenter would most definetely have dropped the ball where as Simon Hunter runs with it.

A brave move to make a Hard-sci-fi movie on this scale outside of Asia. Well done!