Sunday, 9 November 2008

Postal - It's a Uwe Boll film??!!?!?%%$?£?"! His best if that swings it for ya!

Never heard of ths VG, but it is one. Should be mad, bad and dangerous to know - well it is, just for the wrong reasons. Only this man can take a shit idea and make it more shitty as opposed to loveable shitty. Moments, but only moments.....oh and bikini girls with guns, oh and he gets killed. Just a film though.

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Rob said...

When people ask you have a least favorite film Ever? I tend to reply either NO.... or 1984's Lifeforce.

Since I am quite fond of Lifeforce in a "french bird with large jubblies" kind of way...I feel that the appropriate response is now "Uwe Boll's Postal".

However, arguing over which is the worst Uwe Boll movie is like debating whether you prefer your clothing to be washed in cat urine or badger spunk.