Sunday, 9 May 2010

Centurion - Why are you not entertained????

Neil Marshall is one of the finest Directors/screenwriters in Britain at the moment.  He is the man that brought us Dog Soldiers (excellent), The Descent (Scariest film for an age) and Doomsday (Bloody good, shut yer face).  So it was with anticipation that I awaited the release of Centurion, his latest effort, to hit the big screen.  

Alas, it would seem that being a big movie director is not enough to get your work on the screen in your home country.  I missed the release week, I couldn't make the following weeks one stupid late night showing and then it was gone. Yes, it would seem that in the day of Multiplex cinemas, of which Bristol has FIVE, there is simply not enough space to showcase homegrown talent. So that's five multiplexes, average of 12 screens, plus half a dozen local flea pits and the film is effectively gone within a week.

Is it any wonder that millions of people download movies illegally on the Internet.  That is the only way I can now watch this awesome movie in the next three months before the Blu ray is out for sale.  Trouble is, typing the word 'Centurion' into a search engine is a bit like using 'Trojan' or 'Chariot'.  What is the fascination with roman terminology????

What a shizzle.  He who anticipates, hesitates, and in turn.....


Rob said...

Ah, but what a fine movie you have awaiting you on it's blue ray release.

As a Neil Marshall won't be disapointed.

Nick aka Puppet Angel said...

Shame you missed this one. Centurion one was an opening weekend priority for me...because I have no life :(

Loved it. A great story with a strong cast told with some truly beautiful cinematography and brutal action. It is better than Doomsday as Marshall has eased back on that film's rabid cutting to a more restrained style. And once again Liam Cunningham is awesome! Oh, and pyscho Olga is scary yet still uber hot.