Friday, 4 February 2011

Hard Target - Stay off the radar

Part one of my JCVD revisited double bill began with this little number from the early 90's.  I've never been a fan of Van Dame as he is just a vacuous actor who has zero charisma even for inhabited world of the action hero.  That said, I had fond memories of two of his films, Hard Target being one, Timecop the other.

Bad Things - Pretty much the rest.

John Woo's action direction works in his HK flicks but his ability to carry emotion has always been a little suspect.  This film has all his trademarks, but the slo-mo, the cheesey music and the sickly emotion are not helped by JCVD's total inability to carry a movie.  Coupled with a bad mullet, studio interference, a shocking Wilford Brimley's accent (I hate Wilford Brimley in everything but The Thing and he even annoys me in that) and Woo's trademark bad stunt doubles and you have a cringe worthy watch once movie.  How could you not find a stunt double with a mullet in the US of A???

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