Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Battlestar Galactica - The Greatest Story Ever Told.......................Frakkin' A!!!!!!!!

OMG!!!!! So this is how you experience both joy and sadness at the same time. You watch your favourite TV show come to an end. Something that rarely happens and never this well. Because it is simply the greatest Sci Fi show (could be the greatest TV show ever, although BoB still holds that spot even if that is more like an 11 hour film) ever made.

High praise indeed I hear you shout. Maybe it is, but it is justified. The creative mind of Ronald D. Moore has done this before in scifi in another show which explored similar themes undercover of 'geeky scifi'. That show was Star Trek Deep Space Nine. But where that show took about 4 seasons to find it's feet, this one just needed 4 from the off. The sad thing is that many people ignored DS9 for its scifi (and probably Star Trek) links and the same people have probably missed this.

They took the 70's original and made something spectacular. Love, loss, birth , death, politics, war, religion, spirituality, evolution, everything is covered and worthy of its inclusion. I think the success of 24 enabled them to tell this story over the time they did. Episodic television it is not. And the hand held camera style ensures tension and drama at all times. The FX are stunning, especially the space dogfights (Ironic as this is the bit that I hated the most in the original, hmmm or was that Buck Rogers???) and their style is very similar to those of Firefly. That means they don't look clean and out of place, cos space is dirty.

If you can fault this show then I bow to your need to condemn ;) When it ended , it was complete and yet open. This shows its class. After 9 seasons of X Files, I felt cheated, after 6 years of Sopranos I thought a fuse had gone. If I can only find one fault it will be the fact that they made the word 'reimagining' work, and that could spell disaster for a few years of TV.

To the cast and crew of BSG - Thank You - So say we all!

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Rob said...

It's rare that you get a TV show this good.

It's even more rare that you get a final episode this amazing. All the Treks, Buffy, West Wing, Angel... had solid series endings.

Can't even remember the last episode of the X-Files.

The BSG ender stands up there with the greats; B5, Quantum Leap, Blakes 7.