Tuesday, 14 April 2009

The Day After Tomorrow - That was the week that was

Well I will be celebrating. Fantastic news as I love snow. Although it does appear that the UK will just freeze over completely. More Emmerich world smashing going on here, and he loves destroying the USA, must of had some bad childhood memories. I mentioned the beheading of The Statue of Liberty in the Cloverfield review, it shows it's iconic presence in this film as well. Brilliant. More US world saving going on here just like Independence Day, but hey it's an easy watch and a gripping watch.

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Rob said...

I don't know why Roland Emmerich movies leave me so cold (no pun intended).

I like Universal Soldier & Stargate. I love ID4. Hate Godzilla with a passion.

And I can't be arsed with The Patriot, 10,000 BC and this movie. They're well made, contain flawless SFX and have fast paced action-fantasy stories... but I never feel compelled to watch them again. Too predictable for me, perhaps? (I think I need a movie Shrink)