Thursday, 4 March 2010

Avatar - The Last Rainforest

Avatar, Avatar, Avatar.

Avatar is the most over hyped (not overrated) movie in the history of time. You cannot fail to go and see this movie and be let down. I mean it's mean nominated for Oscars. And not just SFX ones. Real ones. Actually that's probably a good thing but it does show you that even the Academy have been swept up in all the hype. I mean it's effectively a sci fi cartoon. What were the chances?? then again District 9 is up to so maybe it's a lean year for their normal boring efforts.

So anyway on with the review of Ferngully. It's all about the 3D element isn't it. I wasn't that impressed, I never have been by 3D, 15 minutes in Disney World maybe. The Spiderman ride (Fecking Awesome) in Universal Islands of Adventure, definitely. But three hours. No way. Maybe it's my eyes. Or maybe it's that the cinemas aren't up to scratch or the 50 pence glasses don't warrant the Billion dollar investment. Like when the latest mobile phone comes with a 15 mega pixel camera but this effectively means bull crap if the lens is shite. Either way I wasn't blown away.

So 3D aside, Dances With Wolves is just an OK film. It's got some great fights, fantastic action, the animation is top notch and ultimately it is another Cameron classic. It's just not the all conquering movie experience it was purported to be. If it wasn't for all the hype re the 3D it wouldn't have become the biggest grossing film ever. People just felt they HAD to go, even if it just meant they could rebuff anyone who said 'well yeah, but you didn't see it in 3D'. I mean I saw some trailers and was in no mood to see it (and that's from a self confessed scifi, Cameron, action, bullshit movie fan). I still felt bullied into going though and spent a tenner for the privilege.

Trouble with all these Last Samurai fanboys though is their fantasies about the Blue Aliens. Yes that's the Blue ANIMATED Aliens. There's sites for you guys cos I think, as they say, It's Big in Japan.

Oh Avatar, how did you do it? I mean, even your movie posters are shite.

I'll still buy it on Blu ray though. What a sucker.


Rob said...

For me I have to separate the movie from the experience.

Seeing a 3D science fiction epic of this techincal calibre and containing such detailed imagination nearly made me shit my pants with glee. Awestruck I was.

The movie itself, as much as I'd enjoyed it, is flawed. Cameron films can be graded into 3 levels. They are:-

1/ Classics. Aliens, The Terminator, T2 and Titanic.
2/ Brilliant (but not quite perfect). The Abyss and True Lies.
3/ Shite. Pirahna II.

Avatar falls into catagory 2. The lead actor's not strong enough, the script could be stronger and the score could be ballsier.

Is it worthy of a Best Oscar Win? If they did it purely on entertainment value then maybe. But since they award Oscars on quality as well, then no.

But it's a Cameron movie and, while not perfect, is still better than 99% of movies released today.

sickboy said...

Like I said, still a good movie.

I thought Cameron movies fell into two categorys. The good ones that star Paxton and Biehn. And then the rest.

Nick aka Puppet Angel said...

I love Avatar. It is a work of technical and imaginative genius. The 3D gives real depth of field to the glorious world of Pandora. Avatar is worth seeing alone for this new world it creates. And then you have Zoe Saldana giving a wonderful performance as Neytiri that's perfectly captured in CGI form. As a film it isn't perfect but it tells an old story in a new way and is always thematically interesting and visually stunning. And Cameron still knows how to direct the fuck out of an action sequence.