Monday, 1 March 2010

Ninja Assassin - F#ckin' A

Last year or so Sylvester Stallone made another sequel. Not Rocky But Rambo. Not that special to many as action movies had become PG13 rated legitimate teenage movie affairs like most of the supposed horror movies around or they had to have some deep meaningful subtext or twist. Luckily he raised two fingers to that suggestion and gave us some serious 80s violence with new millennium cinematic effects.

Ninja Assassin Carry's on with the new found cinema for glorified violence. Meaningless, plotless and so bloody gloriously violent. Loved every minute from the opening bust up to the crappy song as the credits rolled. It never really lets up (aside from the porn worthy script that links the violence) and for that it should be applauded. If you don't like this type of shallow showcase of violence then fair enough. I on the other hand.......Love It!!!!

Hoorah, at last movies have got back on track and started to become more violent than the video games that had imitated them in the first place. Hmm, video games!! Yes parents, 18 rated games are not for your little kiddies either so get your snout out and let me relish in some pure uncensored ultra violence. It's just a movie.

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Rob said...

Very enjoyable, but I was gutted I didn't love this more.

The violence is a shadow of that in Spartacus: Blood and Sand (but full marks for having the balls to be so graphic).

The action is cut wayyy too fast and photographed with the illumination from a single candle. Action can be exciting...IF you can see what the hells going on.