Sunday, 28 February 2010

The Others - Who the what now??

The Others is a great example of real horror movie. It doesn't need gore and it doesn't need violence, it just needs the atmosphere. The Others is creepier than creep from the creepshow in creepy town.

It sets itself up in a Mansion house. Always cold and creepy. Plus it comes up with an excuse for the said mansion house to usually have the curtains drawn and only candle light to break the gloom. Creepy. And that is basically it. I don't think there is any music in this film or if there is it is very infrequent. All it does it use the cold setting, long silences and some loud footsteps and creaky floorboards. But it's better than my description could ever make it and the few actors on show are very very good at what they have to do. A fantastic story from start to finish.

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