Saturday, 13 February 2010

The Butterfly Effect - Flap wings, Earthquake, Japan and all that shit

Love this movie. Gets a bit of a bum ride from some corners but if you take it at face value then it's simple entertainment. An easy suspense/thriller/scifi movie that can be watched at anytime. You get comedy, drama, excitement all rolled into what is effectively a very light story. Okay, so the abuse undertones may or probably did put a few off, but it's no more than a tool to move the story along and is not lingered on or even shoved under your nose as it's not what the film is about. Time travel is the theme as the title should have indicated to you and you don't mess with that mother, trust me. Kutcher plays the lead role well (he just lightens the movie) and the supporting cast are just as worthy. And the soundtrack is superb.

A bit like Frequency, the Dennis Quaid movie in style and content for me. But at least that movie didn't spawn 2 lesser sequels. Okay I've not seen them both but Internet debate is not encouraging me to rush out and do so. I caught the start of the first sequel and even Erica Durance couldn't keep me watching. I'm informed that the third movie is better (than the second), but that's what people say about the Starship Troopers sequels. Well being better than a complete Turd is not exactly raising the bar.

Oh and a word of advice. There is a Directors cut of this film that has a different ending. Don't watch it, or at least not first. The Theatrical ending is just better. Hollywood got it right for once.

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