Sunday, 18 October 2009

Starship Troopers - You wanna live forever?

Allegations into this films political stance are numerous. Fascism, Militarism, Utopianism and Racism to name a few. Satire never seems to come up though does it. Doesn't end in ism I suppose. It's a shame that people can't just watch it as it's meant to be, a bit more innocently. A full on Battle-tastic bug splatting guts exploding adventure........with boobs! It's Verhoeven and he knows his audience. He did direct Showgirls though and that kind of ruined Saved By The Bell for me.


Rob said...

I tried to get my brother to watch this and he was put off by the surface level dumbness of it all.

Thing is, this has got even more politically relevant since 1997. Rich, 90210 type dumb American kids who don't question their society as their freedoms are removed, rush unprepared and over-confidentely into a war. The war's caused by a militaristic American-style society taking resources from a nation whose inhabitants culture is alien to them.
Although, technically superior, the Neo-Conservative humans are forced to wage a prolonged offensive on enemy soil. Sound like something a little closer to home.

Then again, gotta give it to Verhoevan for gratuitous boob shots. apaarantly he got nekked for the shower scene himself. Now that's direction for you!

Nick said...

I love Starship Troopers.

I love the cheesy sheen of it and the scathing satire that underlines it all. I love the Fed Net - "It's an ugly planet. A bug planet!" I love the utter brutality of the bug war. I love Clancy Brown and Michael Ironside both playing cool baddasses in the same movie. "MEDIC!" I love the gorgeous FX from Phil Tippet's amazing bugs to Sony Imageworks fantastic spaceships. I love Basil Poledouris' (God rest his soul) brilliant score. I love The Klendathu Drop sequence. I love Doogie Howser MD as a Gestapo psychic. And most of all I love Dina Meyer as Dizzy and Dina Meyer boobage. Mmmm...Dina Meyer boobage!

A great movie and anyone who doesn't agree is just plain wrong.

"Would You Like to know more?"

sickboy said...

Nick - You know it.

Rob - You went to art college ;)