Sunday, 25 October 2009

Bring It On - The Guilty Pleasure

Brilliant!!! From the opening song to the final credits. I love this movie. Bold! Bright! Brash! A non stop laugh fest with plenty of other bonuses on the way. Of course this may be a view held only by me and spotty teenagers, but I don't care cos it's great. It never takes itself seriously (unlike another of my favourites - Stomp The Yard - which I also piss myself at every watch) and that's why I find it sooo funny. Everyone must have had painful faces at the end of this as they have to keep that fake smile on the entire film. My jaws were aching for sure. Watch it you losers!!!!!


this is not a joke said...

LOVE Bring it On!! Good call

sickboy said...

Yep. But girls can get away with it. I'm taking a bigger chance. lol.

Nah. It rocks!!!!

Nick said...

Bring It On is a fun flick. I haven't seen it for ages but I did enjoy it. And not just for the obvious reasons. Okay. I lie. Mostly for the obvious reasons.

Mmmmm....Eliza Dushku!