Sunday, 18 October 2009

The Departed - That Infernal Hollywood

Great Film!!! Comes off as a bit of a poor mans Goodfellas at times to me, but then this is probably to do with the music cues and maybe because of the Directors style. Hardly gonna slag off Scorcese though am I?????? Yeah. Oooooooh the undercover cop is going deep deep deep undercover. Oh god!!! He fell off the roof! No surprises are there Hollywood as anyone worth their salt had seen the original. Maybe not a reason to judge a movie but then remake it after 20 years to give us time to forget. At least Marky Mark rocks in his role as foul mouthed Copper though.


Rob said...

The only film in existence where the phrase "Marky Mark Rocks" is entirely acceptable!

sickboy said...

And he does.