Monday, 1 February 2010

The Tudors (season one) - And I think my job is shit

Showtime is to many, the poor man's HBO. I'm not sure why. They have produced two fine shows in Dexter and Brotherhood, and now The Tudors. I took me a while to watch it but as I'm glad I did as it is a fantastic looking show.

It concentrates on the early years of Henry VIII (or '8' as Showtime have indicated, Ah one reason then) so rather than the old fat church burner we see in all history books we get the young athletic church burner instead. So it's a cooler telling of the story that most of us know with our Henry being a bit of a bratish, power mad, hedonistic king. Considering he's about 25 he does seem to have a fair bit of teenage angst though. Think Haydens 'Anakin Skywalker' with just a lot more fun and sex. (Ahh The Sex, When things get slow, whack in some sex. That's Showtime) I suppose they have to, we all pretty much know the story of The church burning Beheading king so they have to maintain the interest.

But I'm belittling the show. It's well acted by some, cringe worthy by others but you can not take away the fact that it looks superb. You would actually think you were in 16th Century England (god I hope that's right).

Roll on Season 2. But it ain't no Rome, BoB, Sons of Anarchy, etc.........

Oh yeah. The Job. Well I knew that The King had people who wiped his ass, and even people that sat at the bottom of the bed when he shagged. But I had no idea that he had someone to do this job. And before you think you know what it is, it isn't. But it almost is. I mean you're close enough :/

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