Thursday, 4 February 2010

Valentine's Day - Our survey says.......

I'm not going to watch this movie. Not even if you pay me. Looking at the list of cast names on the movie poster doesn't really fill me anticipation, and is only worsened as I look upon the name of Julia Roberts. Never got that one in the hot actress stakes. And don't bring up her legs in Pretty woman poster as they weren't even hers. If I must go for a Hollywood Bitch of the time the give me Demi Moore anyday.

I've seen this movie poster everywhere and much as I'm sure that I'm not the target audience I am still not sure who really is. Above the title of the movie sits the line 'From the director of Pretty woman'. What!!!!!!????? How relevant is that to anyone? What is this telling us? Put on your best deep American movie trailer voice and read.

1) The director has not made a film of any worth for 20 years.

2)The director hasn't made a decent film for 20 years and there is a good chance this will be shit

3) The film that 40 something woman have been waiting a generation for to fill the empty void in their lives

4)If you spent the past 20 years believing that there could never be a film as powerful and moving as Pretty Woman and so refused to watch any then this is the film for you.

5)Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the sea (cinema)

Okay, so I was never going to watch this regardless of any presentation or advertising but it just bugs me. Surely the biggest spending element is in the 20/30 bracket and this means nothing to them. Who gives these people jobs???


Pete Tiley / Titan Images said...

I disagree here. Films like this give people hope, take them away for a couple of hours and put a smile on peoples faces. Nothing wrong with that I think. Doubt I will see it, but good cast. Reckon this could be a sleeper. Have you seen 500 days of summer? A great movie, yet another date movie...

sickboy said...

Your may well be right Pete. But I wasn't slagging the film or it's right to exist, it was just the marketing. Just seems irrelevant as I'm sure more recent films are comparable and more likely to pull in your target audience.

But then who am I to judge. I saw an Ad on a bus for Solomon Kane today and got excited when I saw the words ' From the creator of Conan'. He's been dead for about 80 years :/