Saturday, 13 February 2010

Edtv - 57 channels and there's got to be something on

So I can't sleep. Get up, and browse the internet and switch on the TV. Watch a bit of the winter Olympics on BBC and then when that finishes, up pops the Ceefax selection of pages and the killer background music. How can this still exist??? What purpose does this TXT system now serve and is the facility not due to disappear when the analogue signal switches off??? In the time of HD satellite, 1000's of channels, 50 inch plasma TV's, Big Brother ,press the red button now interactivity, feesat, freeview, dancing on ice, digital switchover, Internet downloads, torrentTV, Justin TV, get me out of here and iPlayer who is interested in this. Everyone has the Internet, and if they don't then I'm damn sure they don't feel the need for a slow information digest like this. In fact they probably don't want to know anything

This ran for an hour this morning. If you want to go off air, then go off air. I think I'd rather look at this at least it might stimulate somekind of emotion. Fear maybe. Mental!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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