Saturday, 13 February 2010

Pontypool - I wouldn't believe your wireless radio

So onto the zombie drama that is and isn't. I really liked this film. Very little happens outside the environment of one room and the involvement of a handful of characters, but it is done really really well. To a level that keeps the viewer engrossed. The clever (I always say clever. I just mean decent, engaging, well lit, not just point and shoot) camera work, the solid acting and the flowing story always had me on edge to what was coming next. The idea of how the zombie virus is spread is where the story will create debate and give the film a longevity (not me I thought it was bonkers :) but this is still a solid little movie performance regardless.

I enjoyed this much more than Paranormal Activity. Are they similar?? Well to me they are as there are very few characters, very little really happens and the trailers would have pulled in some very disappointed viewers. But I love zombie movies in all shapes and sizes so this wins out. Trailer, trailer trailer......

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Rob said...

This was much better than I anticipated it would be. Smart and subversive, and very clever in adapting the ideas to the Zombie genre.

Stephen McHattie's a cool actor that should be in more stuff (and no, the paper-thin, Ark captain in 2012 doesn't count).