Saturday, 19 June 2010

Club Dread - Broken Lizards Club Dread no less

Strange one this. I assume Broken Lizard is a comedy troupe that got together for this feature. They're quite a funny bunch but the film is disjointed. The biggest problem is trying to make a comedy horror from a slasher flick. Not needed, it's already a comedy genre in it's own right. All in all, the characters are good, but the film just drags. On the plus side, there is plenty of unnecessary flesh on show......
Oh and the Legend that is BILL PAXTON as well :)

Club Dread (Unrated Extended Edition) 

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Nick aka Puppet Angel said...

Yeah, Broken Lizard is a US comedy troupe. They were behind the cult highway cops comedy Supertroopers (2001) and the Dukes of Hazzard movie (2005). I've been meaning to see this one (mostly for the cute Jordan Ladd) but haven't got around to it yet. One day maybe.