Saturday, 19 June 2010

Lake Placid - Thankyou for being a friend

Lake Placid is a tale of a man eating monster that terrorises the local lake eating tourists and anyone that cares to turn up.
At least that's the plot....
The result is very different. It's effectively a horror comedy with the narrative being nothing more than a excuse for a group of people to engage in some sarcastic exchanges. The Horror element doesn't work in the slightest but the film is no worse for it. The only thing missing is Nathan Fillion. Did he base his career on this film????

Lake Placid (Widescreen Edition) 


Nick aka Puppet Angel said...

I love Lake Placid it's great fun. It's a David E. Kelley script so is mostly about people being witty and saracastic to each other. Brendan Gleeson and Oliver Platt are fab.

Sheriff Hank Keough: "I brought a pork chop for luck. Maybe you could hang it around your neck."

Hector Cyr: "That's sweet. Maybe later you can chew the bark off my big fat log."

Rob said...

The most sarcastic script in the history of modern cinema...coupled with the most sarcastic people that money can find.


Made today, Bill Pullman WOULD be replaced by...THE FILLION.